Marine & Buoyancy

MPI can offer a range of sprayed and injected rigid Polyurethane foam systems for Marine Insulation and Buoyancy applications.

Over the years we have carried out a lot of work in this area, using only closed cell foam, which because of its closed cell nature makes it inherently water resistant, we have sprayed tens if not hundreds of all kinds of boats from traditional narrow boats to wide beam boats to dutch barges to trawlers and even quite a few ocean going sailing boats and yachts, as well as insulating these various crafts, sprayed foam also completely stops condensation which in a steel hulled boat can be a massive problem that can cause the boats to effectively rust from the inside out.

We can also inject foam for buoyancy into such things as lock gates, pontoons, barrages and even Ocean Marker Buoys. Injection grade foams used for buoyancy have Lloyds register type approval (Solas) 1974.