Condensation Control

Spray applied closed cell, Class 1 fire rated polyurethane foams have a long and successful record in condensation control and curing problems.

Using a Condensation Risk computer program, the thickness of insulation required to cure condensation can be calculated. The calculated thickness of Polyurethane foam can be applied to virtually any substrate and because it bonds tenaciously to the substrate, with no gaps or voids, it effectively converts the roof into a ‘Hybrid’ warm roof, raising all internal surfaces above the dew point.

Typically the sprayed foam would be finished with a spray applied vapour retardant coating to further control condensation.

This system has been widely & successfully used to eliminate condensation on swimming pool halls, textile factories, single skin metal sheeted roofs, shipping/storage containers, as well as ‘clean rooms’ and computer rooms, narrowboats, barges and camper vans.