Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation Foam is a closed cell rigid Polyurethane Foam, formulated for injection into cavity walls. Because the foam is “Closed Cell” it means we can install it in any exposure zone, even in areas at risk of flooding. In addition to this Injected Foam it is a significantly better insulant than fibre, meaning much better U-values can be achieved as well as bigger energy savings and also greater Co2 emission reductions.

When injected, the foam is fluid but quickly expands and sets to completely fill the entire void within the cavity. Because the cavity is completely filled, the wall is stabilised over its entire area. The system is suitable for ‘Hard to Treat’ properties with narrow or irregular cavities. Adhesive bond strength is in excess of 60KN/m².

The materials and application are covered by BBA and are Local Authority Building Control Approved. Full scale independent tests have been carried out to BS4370 parts 1-4 1988, copies available on request. MPI have carried out major contracts for numerous Local Authorities, including Milton Keynes, Watford, GMC, Bolton, Barnsley, Nottingham, Exeter, Liverpool, Blackburn & Darwen and Rochdale Housing as well as Housing Associations, Landlords and individual homeowners. All work is Guaranteed and back by our suppliers.

MPI Ltd have been installing closed cell foam into cavity walls for over 30 years and probably have more experience in this than any other contractor in the country.

Injection Foams are available with a range of densities & compressive strengths. Having a closed cell content in excess of 95%, foams are inherently waterproof. Uses include under floor void filling, foam filling of redundant railway shafts, filling of district heating trenches, filling of hollow steelwork. Foam filling of lock gates and barrages.

If you need any advice we are always happy to help and can provide specific U-Value calculations and free no obligation quotations.