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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam systems have long been acknowledged as among the best insulants available on the market. It is an extremely versatile system for use in both commercial & domestic buildings.

Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam
Injected closed cell foam systems are BBA and Local Authority Building Control approved and are suitable for use in any exposure zone, even in areas at risk of flooding and also for “Hard To Treat” properties with random stone walls or narrow cavity’s .
Marine & Buoyancy
MPI can offer a range of sprayed and injected rigid P.U. foam systems for Marine Insulation and Buoyancy applications.
Condensation Control
Sprayed foam insulation has been used with great success to eliminate condensation on many different building projects on various surfaces & materials. Once applied it creates a monolithic seamless barrier that can convert roofs or walls into a “warm construction” with no gaps of joints to act as cold bridges.
Protective Coatings, Elastomers & Polyureas

We can design, supply & spray a system for most applications from roofs to basements and everything in between, such as Bund Linings and even boat holds.

Polyurea & Hybrid PU Coatings

These coatings are 2 component, very high performance elastomeric coatings. Sprayed through our specialist machinery, they are 100% solid, containing no solvents or VOC’s. Polyurea coatings are “fast set” curing in seconds & suitable for horizontal & vertical surfaces and can even be sprayed overhead.

Open Cell Spray Foam (Enertite)

Low density open cell spray Polyurethane foam insulation expands to many times its original size, completely filling areas treated. These water-blown foam systems easily expand in and around difficult to reach areas, creating a seamless barrier.

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