Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

Sprayed rigid P.U. (Polyurethane) & P.I.R. (Polyisocynurate) foams have long been acknowledged as among the best insulants available. In addition, the foams have excellent adhesive properties, which coupled with the fact that they can be spray applied; make them an ideal product for numerous applications. Sprayed foams are available in a range of physical properties, typical densities are from 30-60kg/m3 but others are available. All systems are CFC free and have K factors between 0.024 w/m & 0.028 w/m dependant on system & thickness. Internal grades of Sprayfoam have Class 1 fire rating to BS476 pt. 7 and can be overcoated with protective coatings to give Class 0 to BS476 pt. 6. Alternative coatings are available for decorative purposes, or to act as vapour retarders/barriers. External roofing grades are available at high densities to withstand foot traffic and are typically coated with a suitable protective weathercoating such as GE (General Electric) silicone rubber or Isothane EMA to give a seamless and monolithic insulated and weatherproof over-roof system. Sprayfoam can be applied to any thickness to achieve desired U values and adheres tenaciously to virtually any substrate. Once applied, the spray foam is basically inert and will, when protected correctly, last the life of the property.

Typical variants are:-
Internal Class 1 fire rated sprayfoams which can be applied under slate, tiled or profiled metal roofs, between studding on timber framed & solid walls. This system is also widely used to insulate car park and plant room soffits. Can be overcoated with decorative coating or Pirthane FPC or BASF FB 100 to achieve a Class 0 fire rating. When used on Pool halls the system would typically be finished with a spray applied vapour retardant coating. External higher density roofing grades are used to insulate and weatherproof flat and pitched roofs, as well as storage tanks and vessels, in conjunction with a high performance elastomeric weathercoating.

Low density open cell foams are also available but do not have the same insulation or waterproof properties of closed cell foams and are not available to Class 1 fire rating.

Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam

Cavity Wall Foam is a rigid Polyurethane Foam, formulated for injection into cavity walls. When injected, the foam is fluid but quickly expands and hardens to completely fill the entire void within the cavity. Because the cavity is completely filled, the wall is stabilised over its entire area. The system is suitable for ‘Hard to Treat’ properties with narrow or irregular cavities. Adhesive bond strength is in excess of 60KN/m˛. In addition, the wall is insulated to a very high level, a 65mm cavity once filled, can achieve a U value of less than 0.28 w/m˛/C

The materials and application are covered by BBA Certificates and MPI are BBA approved installers. Full scale independent tests have been carried out to BS4370 parts 1-4 1988, copies available on request. MPI have carried out major contracts for numerous Local Authorities, including Milton Keynes, Watford, GMC, Bolton, Barnsley, Nottingham, Exeter, Liverpool HAT, Blackburn & Darwen and Rochdale Housing as well as Housing Associations, Landlords and individual homeowners. The system is guaranteed for 25 years.

Injection Foams
Injection Foams are available with a range of densities & compressive strengths. Having a closed cell content in excess of 95%, foams are inherently waterproof. Uses include under floor void filling, foam filling of redundant railway shafts, filling of district heating trenches, filling of hollow steelwork. Foam filling of lock gates and barrages. If you have a void which may benefit from filling with a lightweight, closed cell foam to exclude water or liquids, please contact us to discuss.

Low density open cell injection foams are also available for specific applications.

Marine & Buoyancy

MPI can offer a range of sprayed and injected rigid P.U. foam systems for Marine Insulation and Buoyancy applications.

Spray Grades with Class 1 to BS 476 Pt 7 fire ratings, are used to insulate hulls to prevent condensation. The system, once applied, is seamless and monolithic with no joints for cold bridging to occur. Typically, the hull is fitted with battens for final fixing of linings and the foam is sprayed between the battens. Any thickness can be applied depending on the insulation level required.

Injection Grades with Lloyds Register, US Coastguard, SOLAS, MSA & IMO Approvals are available for buoyancy applications, where the high closed cell content, low absorption and a buoyancy of 60lb/ft3 or 958kg/m3 are advantageous. Specific data sheets on the various foam formulations are available on request.

Condensation Control

Combinations of Polyspray and either Vapour Barrier coatings or Breather Coatings can be used to eliminate condensation. MPI have successfully cured condensation problems for many clients from swimming pools for Local Authorities & Education Authorities to Textile Manufacturing factories, or more ordinary applications such as Computer Room’s & Football Stadium’s. Using our computer software, we can design a system to beat condensation. Condensation risk analysis & U value calculations in accordance with BS5250 are available, all we need is your existing construction and internal temperatures and humidity and we will do the rest. Once applied, the system is seamless and monolithic and can be used to convert roofs into ‘warm construction’ with no gaps or joints to act as cold bridges. Past clients include Parkland Manufacturing, W.J. Whitehead, Parcel Force, Oldham MBC, Silicoates Grammar School, Royal Insurance, NatWest Bank, Portrait Pools and John Preston Pools.

Protective Coatings

Modern Plan Insulation have close working relationships and are approved applicators for most of the best protective coating manufacturers. We can design systems for most applications using the best coating for the application.

Coatings available include:

  • Decorative coatings for use over sprayed foam
  • Vapour retardant or ‘breather’ coatings as required
  • High performance elastomeric weathercoatings
  • Class ‘0’ fire rated intumescent coatings
  • General Electric silicone rubber coatings
  • Clear coatings for Filon and Glass rooflights

Heavy Duty Elastomers & Polyurea Coatings

These are fast set, 100% solid coatings with exceptional resistance to chemical attack and mechanical abrasion. MPI are approved applicators for the Isothane “Armour” range and BASF Elastocoat. Typical uses include Tank, Bund, Pond, Lagoon & Reservoir Linings, Fishing boat holds and protection of steelwork in corrosive environments such as Composting Halls.

If you have an application requiring a protective coating, please contact us to discuss the requirements and we will be pleased to advise on the best coating for your application.

Acoustic Fibre

Modern Plan Insulation Ltd, are approved installers of the Monoglass and Thermoacoustic sprayed glass fibre systems. These systems comprise of an inorganic and non-combustible white glass fibre and polymer binder. It can be applied to virtually any substrate as a thermal and acoustic insulation in wall, ceiling and soffit applications. The systems are made from approximately 37% recycled glass, are “Green Spec” approved and also non-toxic and odourless. They are naturally white for light reflectance but can be tinted if required. (Picture shows a sound studio in progress where the product has been tinted grey).

As well as being non-flammable, the system contains no cellulose or asbestos and the polymer binder is water-based and non-hazardous. It is resistant to mould and fungal growth, adheres well to most substrates and resists air erosion. Acoustic properties are excellent with a sound absorption and noise reduction coefficient of 0.95 at 50mm thick. Thermal properties are also good with a K factor of 0.036 w/m. A full list of physical properties and approvals is available on request.